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Migrations into MySQL and PostgreSQL


We preformed large migrations from Oracle databases to Mysql and PostgreSQL in large telecommunication company to reduce cost and allow better system scaling.

The migration process is accompaniment with R&D and schema redesign to fit the new databases.

High Availability Databases


Most of our customers need availability of more than 99.9. NextStage experts have implemented solutions in both highly available databases like Cassandra and open source solutions like PRM and Galera cluster for MySQL and repmgr for PostgreSQL.

Building for the cloud


Some of our customers uses cloud infrastructure. We are helping  IT/R&D with expending the data world into cloud provided service like RDS / REDSHIFT / EMR / S3 / dynamo / big table / cloud sql  / azure.

We also have done multiple data migrations between AWS / azure / Google app

Scaling for the advertising market

NextStage has some customers in the online advertising business and we have helped them in scaling out their application from only a few campaigns to thousands of campaigns and billions of rows per day(impressions / clicks / conversions / RTB / etc..).


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